Södermalm is my Swedish Brooklyn & is the best of Stockholm

I almost feel at home here. While Stockholm’s many islands and many extremes make it complicated, Södermalm feels simple. It’s a neighborhood and an island with its own unique identity. It’s like the Brooklyn of Stockholm! Södermalm is all at once trendy, offbeat, classy, and self-aware.

When I looked up the best music venues in this city, I found them all here in Södermalm (Debaser’s 3 locations & Sodra Teatern). Wanna go thrifting? Have brunch made with local, organic ingredients? Check out a shop with totally new and creative concept you’ve never heard of before? Södermalm has it all. But you’ll have to explore it yourself. Here are the gems that I consider must see places in Södermalm, Stockholm, and even a few places I didn’t make it to too!

Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik

This was my favorite place to fika (out of like 7 spots I tried). They have quality, fair trade coffees and teas. There’s something for everyone. The “drop coffee” is a classic here and I also loved their summer special, espresso over vanilla ice cream! Plus, the outdoor seating is adorable and great for people-watching. (I charged up my phone and lounged on their pillows inside).


Milda Matilda

This place caught my eye and my friend Abbie and I decided to venture on in. Antiques and chochkeys are their game. I wanted everything in here. For real. I even told the shop owner. Twice. If you like timeless design and things from the past, you’ll be in love too!


This is a muse see for anyone. The exhibits are immaculate. The cafe upstairs is a minimalist’s dream with a 180 degree view of the harbor. If you only do one touristy thing while you’re in Stockholm, definitely make it this one.


Humana Second Hand


Who loves the 90s? Everyone, that’s who! This trendy thrift shop has a great selection to browse through. Some great finds and deals to be had here. I got a killer floor length skirt! And I tried on a strappy, red-leather, halter top that a Spice Girl probably donated (too bad it didn’t fit)! Also check out the many quality second-hand clothing stores in the area, as there are many. Modern Retro was closed for their July holiday, but also check Stadsmissionen and Beyond Retro.



Vinbaren Gondolen

This glorious wine bar closes for the summer (pity) but the real reason to show up here is the near 360 degree views of Stockholm that you get from the bar/restaurant on the top floor. It may be touristy but it’s with good reason this time. Get a cocktail or a glass of wine and soak up the views. Don’t forget to make your way up to the rooftop too!


Picnic at Skinnarviksparken Park

Do it. The views of the water peek out between the trees. Although you aren’t permitted to drink publicly everywhere in Stockholm, this seems to be an okay spot (if you’re over 20 and are in a place the local government is cool with)! You’ll see a lot of twenty- and thirty-somethings drinking out of unmarked cups in between cigarette puffs. I picked up JJ’s Thai To-Go Take Away and had myself dinner with a view! I love this spot because it’s a place locals love, not because it has the finest view in the city. Slow down and you’ll see why.


Spots I sadly missed:

  • Vurma
  • Big Ben Stand-up Comedy (In English on Thursday nights)
  • T-shirt Bar
  • Press Stop
  • Vampire Lounge


Once I found this gem of a neighborhood, there was no turning back! If/when I return to Stockholm, Södermalm is definitely where you’ll find me.



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One observation on “Södermalm is my Swedish Brooklyn & is the best of Stockholm
  1. Jacomijn - Safe and Healthy Travel

    I loved Sodermalm too!! Have you seen the botels on Soder Malarstrand? Great spot to stay 🙂 Spend almost a week in Stockholm and love every part of it!!


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