Irish Pride: A short film

Proud to be American?

No one questions whether I’m proud to be American or not. They assume…

It’s not a terrible assumption based on our track record: American flags everywhere, college boys drunkenly chanting U-S-A in bars or college towns, our interest in only our own news, movies, and language, and a fierce positivity when it comes to talking about our own country, or as some like to call it, ‘Merica. (Not that we’re extremely unique in being this way)


Proud to be Irish?

But being in Ireland, I got to thinking. We can’t be the only country where almost everyone is proud. (The irony here is that many Americans say they are ‘proud to be Irish’ despite never having been to Ireland or gotten to know Irish culture. They’re proud to have ancestry in Ireland I guess, but why?) So, anyway, I decided to ask the Irish themselves…

This film, Irish Pride, shows results of the open and the willing Irish people who I asked to share their perspective with me, unrehearsed, on the spot, and often in the street. The famed friendliness and eloquence of the Irish made me think this project would be a cinch! I was surprised by how few people were willing to be filmed answering a single question.


The Stats

I approached 26 people.

4 people weren’t Irish. Oops! My bad.

12 were Irish but were unwilling to participate…   Twelve! Twelve Irish people! It just goes to show that you can’t claim to understand a culture until you delve into it.

That left 10 people who were willing to share their opinions and perspectives with the world!

The question I’m left with is this: What, if anything at all, does it say about Irish culture?


I did find there was a lot of Irish pride. There wasn’t a long pause or a hesitation with anyone. The feeling I got was that they know others like their country, they know it’s beautiful, that the people are friendly. People love their country. They are proud to be Irish. Even some of those who didn’t want to participate were quick to tell me that they were proud, they just “didn’t look good on camera” or “didn’t want to get involved.”
Here they are, the 10 willing Irish people, sharing why they are proud to be Irish.


Please share in the comments below or on the Youtube page comments section if you’re proud to be where you’re from and why! I’m curious to say the least.

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