ANTI-TRUMP! What to do about Trump: I’m Changing the things I cannot accept

anti-trump what to do

I can’t stay quiet any more.

After years of questioning my own pride in my country, I had finally become proud to be from the U.S.,
proud to be a representative of my country and what my country can really be.

anti-trump what to do


I am appalled by the recent actions that have taken place and by the hateful people being considered as leaders. I will not be quiet about it. I am terrified by what our country is allowing to happen. People are anti-trump what to doliving in fear. Civil liberties and freedoms are being ripped out of our hands by the people who don’t represent us.

To those of you who are not here in the U.S. to witness the fear, the unrest, the anxiety that all of this is causing: Know that we don’t want this. Our government DOES NOT represent us, thanks to anti-trump what to doan outdated, unchanging voting system and widespread ignorance.

I have spent the last couple days figuring out what I can actually do to help and I wanted to share it here.


Please, if you are bothered at all, at least take 1-2 actions, if not all 10.  YOUR SILENCE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.

If you are based in NYC or if you are coming for a march or protest, please reach out and I will stand with you in whatever action you will take. It may feel scary, but the thought of not saying anything is so much scarier.

anti-trump what to do         anti-trump what to do

For the whole document, CLICK HERE!!!


anti-trump what to do

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